With the fast pace of technology, much has changed in the lifestyle of the people around the world. With the development of the internet, data exchange has been very easy for many people. And when browsers have been discovered, navigation from one data to another has become much easier for anyone. The Browser A browser is a mere software application that is used for sending and receiving information across a network of computers. This means that not only is a browser able to connect one computer to the web, it is also allows data exchange among two or more computers that are connected by a network. History The browser is one of the newest inventions of today. With its foundation laid only during the 80s, browsers only started to take on the lives of the people on 1993 when Marc Andreessen and his team developed the NCSA Mosaic Web Browser. In 1995, Microsoft followed the fad and developed Internet Explorer, starting the competition of the web browsers in the world.Webdesign Soon, many web browsers sprouted—such as Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari—giving many options for internet users across the globe. How it Works Browsers work on a language called HyperText Markup Language (HTML), which allows various types of files to be seen on one web page. That’s right! Before web browsers, the internet proves to be a very boring place where text files could not be mixed with music or photos. But now, all one needs to do is enter a URL or click on a link in the Bookmarks or Favorites, and the corresponding web page would then automatically be displayed on the monitor. Computer This is because these URLs represent a certain address in the worldwide web and the internet connection allows one’s computer to reach into these data that are actually stored in some computer that might actually be miles away from the user.

Other Functions As time goes by, much development has already occurred on the use of the browser. Different browsers now have different functions, making them perfect depending on what the user wants to accomplish. There are browsers that are perfect for email while there are some that are great for Internet Relay Chat (IRC). Nonetheless, all browsers are great in navigating the web and retrieving basic data and web pages. Most are also allow multi-tasking, letting one retrieve two or more web pages all at the same time through different tabs.

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